After serving 4 years of duty in the United States Marine Corps, Eric J. Smith returned home to the small community of Greene, Maine.  With a family rooted in the drywall trade, Eric spent the next few years mentoring and gathering the essential skills necessary to survive in an extremely competitive industry.  In 2001, Eric coupled the skills learned from his father with the energy and leadership traits infused from the USMC and founded E.J. Drywall.  The early years of E.J. Drywall were spent serving the thriving residential new home construction market.  During this time the company was quickly building a reputation for quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.  With the burst of the housing bubble looming, the company had the early foresight to recognize that diversification was going to be critical in succeeding and ultimately growing through a down economy.  With this focus in mind, E.J. Drywall increased staff and began securing work within the commercial market place.  These markets included hospitality, retail, institutions, and healthcare.  While the commercial side of the business was growing so were the companies? capabilities.  Painting, rough carpentry, and exterior insulation finish systems quickly became a compliment to the metal framing and gypsum board side of the business.

In 2009, E.J. Drywall secured its Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Status which the company is proud of.  This status is one of importance and meaning because the company currently employs and actively seeks out strong disciplined military veterans to strengthen the team?s core.  In the recent years the company has made a targeted effort to serve other veterans by pursuing and completing work within Veteran Administration Medical Centers throughout New England.

Where safety is as important as the quality of our work and our productivity.

Every day is a new day and a new beginning at the job site, we as a company need to be trained as one to control all unsafe acts.  We are all responsible individuals and are responsible for ourselves and the people around us. Our policy as a company is to provide all employees with a safe and healthy workplace. Each employee is responsible for implementing this policy by continually observing all safety rules, standards, and practices throughout the work day.

Today, E.J. Drywall continues to develop upon the core fundamentals of quality, efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction.  The company has built a solid reputation within the marketplace and has built a strong team of dedicated craftspeople.  Our goal is to exceed our customers? expectations through hard work, integrity, and excellence.  We are poised and prepared to serve any of your commercial or residential needs.






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